Exstudios Services:

Providing computer application, programming, information, technological and development services, project management, system development, networking installation, advisory and consultancy services in the management, administration, development, control supervision and marketing of computer software solution and packages, receiving processing and dissemination of data, in-house on –line information dissemination services, operating and managing all computer services bureau and cybercafé, providing administrative, management, co-ordination supervision, control, procurement and supply services, computer personnel and management training courses technical, scientific and operational advice including materials and instructional aids, and other business related to the internet and electronic commerce industry which can be advantageously or conveniently undertaken by the Exstudios.

To transact the business of all kind of consultancy, training, research and development for government agencies, commerce, industry and business on information and communication technology and related industries and any other business which may be usefully carried on in connection with such business.

To promote, establish and transact business in Malaysia or any part of the world as general traders, dealers, importers, buying or selling commission agents, import and export commission agents, general merchants, brokers, del credere agents, insurance agents, advertising agents, forwarding agents, and importers and exporters of general merchandise, estate and property agents, general and commission agents, manufactures representative and general storekeeper and otherwise deal in goods, provisions, merchandise, commodities, plant and machinery, and articles of all description, both wholesale and retail and to undertake, carry on and execute all kind of agency business.